Jenni Butz is currently the US Director of Sales & Marketing for BNI, helping professionals around the country understand and implement intentional networking to grow their businesses. Before taking on her role in Sales &

Marketing, Jenni led a team of 60 employees and volunteers in 4 states as they supported BNI Members in their pursuit to successfully market their businesses through referrals and relationships.


A former high school French and English teacher and tutor, Jenni took her passion for sharing information and used it to start her own business as a speaker and MC. In that role, she has harnessed the power of words to

help people learn, grow, and give in ways that matter. She has worked with nonprofit organizations, women’s groups, government agencies, and businesses to connect people and help them grow through effective



Jenni lives near Seattle, Washington with her husband. Her books, including Six-Word Lessons on Effective Communication, are available on Amazon.


Steve Tannuzzo is the Marketing & Communications Coordinator for BNI’s company-owned regions. 2022 marks his 20th anniversary with BNI, as a member, director, trainer, communications coordinator, web developer, webinar host and podcast host.

Steve is the owner of Tannuzzo Copywriting. Since 2009, he has helped business owners sharpen their messaging and promote their businesses through the power of the written word. His background in retail sales, printing, and management, combined with his experience in BNI, gives him the insight to write about people, products and services.

Steve is a graduate of the City University of New York and earned his bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a minor in Sociology, in 1989. He has served as a class coach for Dale Carnegie Training and is a past

president and founder of a Massachusetts Toastmasters club.

Steve is the owner of two dogs and too many books.







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