If you were in an automobile accident and had a complicated legal battle ahead of you, would you hire a general attorney who has a little experience with divorce, has done some criminal trials, and also works with personal injury clients? Or would you want someone who specializes?

If you have specific needs for your finances, children, or health, do you want general knowledge or someone who knows the depth and breadth of your situation?
When things are complicated or crucial, we want a specialist.

When we talk about our business in terms of everyone or anyone being a good client for us, we’re not helping our referral partners recommend us to others. In order to have the most lucrative and fulfilling business, we want more of the clients who are perfect for us and fewer of those who are marginal.

When we are specific about our target market and can articulate that specificity to others, we are far more likely to find people in the world who want exactly what we do.

Seth Godin, best-selling author of Purple Cow and other marketing books, asks business owners to think of their smallest viable market. Who are the people specifically looking for exactly what you do?

Since we live in a world with so much technology, so much information, and so much competition for consumers, setting our businesses apart can be challenging. As you’re building a network of people who will talk about you to others, having a clear niche in whatever market you’re in is clutch to standing out.

Here are some questions you can think about to narrow things down and find your niche.

  1. What specific problems do you solve?
  2. Who have been your most satisfied clients? What do they have in common?
  3. What do you enjoy doing most in your industry?
  4. Are there events or circumstances that can trigger people to think of you?

Discovering the answers to these questions will help you articulate to others the exact clients you’d like more of!